Good resources for J-drama dialogue/transcripts?

I’m getting into watching J-dramas to supplement my language study - it’s listening that I seem to find particularly difficult. I’ve been recommended to find a few episodes with transcripts so I can repeatedly listen to the same sections until I can follow every word that’s being said.

I’ve found which has a pretty good selection, but the transcripts tend to be incomplete (I’m not understanding the site particularly well, but it looks more like a review/blog site anyway).

In particular, I’m looking for the transcript of 好きな人がいること. But I’m not fussy, and will watch pretty much anything if I can find both the written dialogue and a site to watch it on.


you can find that and many more Jpdrama’s subs here:

In the @Mains you’ll find them ordered by realease date of the show. In the case of your show, the Summer of 2016 :+1:


I know that you can do that with Netflix using a VPN or something but I don’t use Netflix so I can’t really help.

@Ncastaneda Is your site working? For some reason, I can’t access it.


seems to be working fine :slight_smile:

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Amazing, thank you so much! I didn’t even know there were such things as SRT files. Is there something better to view them in than Notepad, i.e. to make separating out text from timestamps easier?

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Here is a decent list of subs GitHub - Matchoo95/JP-Subtitles: A bunch of subtitle files for a wide range of shows. Not all are perfectly timed so feel free to correct them and upload changes. Don’t use notepad, I personally use VSCode but there might be better code editors for your task.


Rakuten Viki is crowd-sourced subtitled asian drama (with a Japanese selection), you might check that out.

I’ve just checked in Aegisub (free subtitle editor) and you can export them into simple txt file. You can check “remove tags” to get ride of the time stamps, so they look pretty much like a script. :+1:

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Ah, I had that same issue with dramanote. Everyone keeps touting it as the source of all transcripts, but I’m yet to find a single transcript on there.

Any ideas where to watch recent j-dramas? netflix only as a small library of j-dramas. Even if I use a japanese vpn it’s not much. crunchyroll used to have some j-dramas but stopped doing them because not enough people watched them there.

Usually this post ends up the same way every time.

Someone ask about subs → gets directed to a subs website or is told how to download the one from Netflix.

Then next question tends to be where can I watch or download jdramas.

Sadly besides Netflix as you mention, there aren’t great sources to get downloadable material, least of all with jpsubs.

If you can work a VPN through Amazon, you get more content too, sadly Amazon ain’t so nice to provide subs for us learners (or hearing impaired people for that matter :grin:).

That on the legal side of the spectrum leaves you with crappy websites like Viki, whose selection is god awful, and would have never encouraged me to believe that jdrama could be a thing or IP TV services like forjoytv, where you can have japanese tv and save content … Sort of like TiVo.

Of course the rest is p2p and other grey zone or down right illegal resources which do exist and provide much better variety, but go against the conditions of use of this forum. :wink:


I wonder, are there japanese official tv streams if u are based in japan? (maybe they will work with some kind of vpn :thinking: ) Like BBC does on their webpage?

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Terakoya has some drama and anime (with japanese and english subtiles). I don’t know if they are recent, but it is worth a look!

I believe you need to make a free account to have access to the remaining episodes after the first episode of each series.

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