Can I somehow stream Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, etc with Japanese subtitles from US?

The only thing I’ve found on is English subtitles. The spoken Japanese is still too fast for my level and I’d like to have Japanese subtitles to assist me. English subtitles don’t work since it’s so easy for me to read I can’t concentrate on listening. I can’t stream from because that requires a credit card issued from a Japanese bank.
Netflix is usually friendlier with Japanese subtitles but they don’t seem to carry these movies.
I think I could get them in Blu-Ray but I don’t have a player and streaming is so much more convenient.

The subtitles for the movies you mention are here

You can buy the DVD and put the subs over :+1: (VLC could do that for you).

Japanese Netflix doesn’t have much in the Kurosawa department (only Ran and Rashomon now), but those have JP subs too, in case you care going the extra mile with the VPN / private IP service to access Japanese Netflix in the first place. :man_shrugging:


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