Japanese studying schedules?

I’ve been studying for a month, but I can’t figure out what’s good for studying all the parts of japanese such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. What I’ve got consistent is use wanikani for kanji, use anki for vocab, study genki for grammar, and write kanji on a notebook that I’ve got on master in wanikani. So i’m curious, what’s your day to day japanese studying schedule?

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Right now I have a lot of downtime at work, so I have been doing WaniKani for Kanji, Renshuu for Kanji/Vocab/Grammar, and Quartet for Grammar (one skillset for a day). In my free time after work I try to play games, watch anime, and do things in Japanese I enjoy. Before I really didn’t have a lot of time to study so I tried to dedicate 30 minutes to each skillset.

Not sure if you ended up getting an answer from other forums but I’ve admittedly been very inconsistent due to having a full-time job, other commitments, and other interests which lead to poor time mgmt and burn out over the past few years. As a result, I reset to Level 1 on WK just this week & restarted Genki I at the beginning of this year.

That being said, I think I’ve come up with a schedule that will keep me burn-out free while still making very slow but steady progress.

  • MTu/ThuFri I do WK lessons, 1 section of Genki, and alternate those four days between doing a graded reader and watching an episode of anime. (Tu/Th graded reader M/F anime)
    *Re-dedicated Wednesday to studying Spanish again in which I do all three since I’m more advanced in Spanish (section of a textbook, watch 20 minutes of a telenovela, and a graded reader)
    *Sat/Sun are days off EXCEPT for WK reviews.

For speaking, I found a friend that also studies Japanese so we meet bi-weekly and practice together. One day, I’ll get the courage to use iTalki or some other app in which to speak with a native. Lol

Good luck in your studies!

before last week I was doing a first batch of reviews as soon as I get to work (8am). But now it shifted to 4pm idk why, so now I wait to get home and do around 130 reviews all together.

Before level 10, I was just doing wanikani and nothing else. then I started reading nhk easy news to get the grasp of how many words I am supposed to know to understand long sentences and general idea of an article.

Only around level 30 I started listening to podcasts (the beginner nihongo con teppei).

After lvl 35 I started bunpro (finishing N3 this week now) and watching anime with japanese subtitle (1 episode per day).

But yeah, I just do one batch pile of reviews around 6pm when I am at home and another batch for bunpro around 7pm and that’s it. I dont want to overwhelm. I use the spare free time to play some game and watch a US tv show.

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