What's your guys' schedule for studying Japanese?

I like to stay pretty organized with my language studies, so I was just curious how everyone else does it :slightly_smiling_face:
Here’s mine:
I learn 25 words everyday
I review a bunch of words I’ve already learned
I learn 2 pieces of grammar (sort of) a day
I review previous grammar
I listen to songs, read books, watch the news, etc. in Japanese and pick random words. I keep the words in a list so I can study them at a later point :slight_smile:
When I’m motivated I’ll watch shows without subtitles or do listening exercises.
On days when I level up on Wanikani, I usually focus on studying the kanji and don’t learn any new words.
I also try to write at least a couple sentences a day in Japanese and post them on HiNative

Your turn!


Currently I’m just listening to Billingual News. I also watched Terrace House for quite some time. But to be honest I fell a bit off my studies so today I said to myself that I want to pick up my Wanikani reviews again.

Other than that I also want use anki again but I’m still working on my Wanikani leech deck. (it’s almost complete though) :smile:

Wish you good luck with your studies!!


I was in a study slump but I’m getting back into it, hoping I can tackle the N2 next year!
I’m overseas for work atm so I don’t have any of my textbooks with me but lately my schedule has been:

  • Wanikani (I use the Waikani lesson cap script to stop myself from taking on too much at once)
  • Plodding through my Anki deck review backlog, I have two decks with 30 reviews a day each. Once I blast through those if I have time I do extra reviews.
  • I chat to a Japanese friend a couple times a week

Once I’m back home I’ll figure out how to fit grammar study in and I’ll start reading again (I have a pile of untranslated manga)

EDIT: I guess I watch some at least anime once a week which helps with grammar and stuff, I don’t need subtitles so much nowadays so I like to cover the subs with my hand for listening practice

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I try to do WaniKani daily, but it has been getting harder and harder. Nowadays it is more like once every two, three days, and as a result, I’ve slowed down considerably. I don’t mind since my grammar is far behind anyway, and I have a lifetime subscription.

Every two or three days I do an activity of some kind. This can mean reading a chapter of a textbook (Genki or Tae Kim), deciphering an NHK article, chatting with a friend of mine who also happens to be a Japanese learner, analyzing a song I’ve been listening to… It depends on what I feel like doing, but all of these are great for expanding my knowledge outside of what WaniKani covers.

I pay for a teacher on italki.com, and we have a 90-minute lesson roughly once a week. We mostly use these lessons to fill in the gaps in my knowledge, since self-learning has left me with a shoddy patchwork of skills that desperately needs fixing. Once that is out of the way, we plan to practice heavily and start making steady progress towards intermediate levels.

I also watch subtitled anime regularly (going through original Kino no Tabi now, it’s amazing!), but this is more like a motivational, fun activity to keep me going, not so much a legitimate learning method. It moderately helps with listening and I catch a new word/phrase/grammar point every once in a while.

All in all, I think I managed to work out a decent schedule, considering I have a full-time job and my shift pattern is all over the place :smile:


I’ve noticed a lot of people here use Anki :slight_smile: I usually use quizlet but I’ve noticed that Anki has a review timer thingy so I might switch to that!

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Right now, for N2 learning/study, I’m doing the following once a day (or as close to it as possible):

  • Clear out Wanikani
  • Clear out iKnow
  • Complete a section of the Sou-Matome grammar book, and take notes
  • Complete a section of the Sou-Matome vocab book, and take notes
  • Read some manga (this is honestly more for fun, but I guess it doubles as study time; recently I’ve been translating some as well)
  • Try to watch something in Japanese with captions (not subtitles) on if I have time and I’m not burned out (this is less for fun and more for study, since I don’t actually enjoy many anime, but the clear annunciation tends to make it the most useful study material right now; variety shows with semi-frequent captions also work)

I don’t hit every single one every single day, but I hit most, and in general just having a list of, “I need to get through these four very structured things at some point today” is a routine that works for me. It also means that if I miss a day, there’s no stressing over restructuring–I just clear out the apps same as normal and do whatever section of the books I left off on.

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yeah you should. I think it has alot to offer :smile:

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