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Hey there! This has probably been asked more often, but I’m looking for some feedback on my daily schedule for learning Japanese. I have an ‘easy’ job from home, so I probably have some more time on my hands than some other people might. Right now, I do the following things (in no particular order):

  • Wanikani: ~30 minutes

  • Memrise (N3 vocab): ~60 minutes (mostly reviewing N4 words atm though)

  • Anki (additional kanji): ~60 minutes

  • Reading Kiki (1 page/day): ~30 minutes

I really want to start learning some grammar as well, but at this point I have some trouble fitting it into my daily schedule. I know basic grammar (N5 level), but I notice while reading that I don’t recognize verbs and such due to my lack of grammar knowledge.

Would you guys recommend switching reading for grammar sometimes? I’m also very curious about what you do on a daily basis!


Personally I would keep the reading (hopefully you are enjoying it!) and cut down on the kanji study to make room for the grammar work.


Yeah, you’re probably right. I don’t know why, but I really enjoy learning kanji, so I spend more time on it then I probably should. I know about 350-400 kanji now, so I think I can afford a small break to catch up on my grammar.

I am enjoying the reading! It’s pretty tough right now, but I’m already getting better at putting together the meaning of sentences. :blush:


I recommend cutting the Anki deck and only putting stuff you find in the wild that comes up regularly enough but haven’t learned yet. Like when you read Kiki and see a kanji or word more than 3 times in one session and cant remember the meaning each time.Otherwise, looks good.


I would personally cut down on everything to make space for grammar. You have got vocabulary and reading practice in the form of Memrise and Kiki, but your grammar studies already cover both of those things. And if you get grammar out of the way first, reading becomes much more enjoyable, because your understanding, intuition and feel for the language have improved so much, and you pick up on new things much faster.

One thing I’m curious about: How do you spend another 60 minutes every day on learning Kanji with Anki? Are you learning the non-WK Kanji? Why not save these for until after Wanikani if you’re so occupied right now? And 60 minutes is a lot - that’s about what many people invest in Japanese daily in total.


I picked Japanese back up again about a month and a half ago because my bff and I decided we would go to Japan next year for a few weeks. I wanted to get better again at reading so we will be able to exist there without too much trouble, so I started an extensive Anki deck that would go through 2000 of the most common kanji. I only very recently discovered WK is a thing that exists, so I tried that out and liked it. Now I’m sort of doing both, because WK is very slow and I like learning kanji!
That hour of Anki is mostly reviewing (around 40 mins) and 20 minutes of learning new kanji. I learn about 8-10 kanji a day with that. I know it’s a lot, but it’s the thing I most enjoy. :sweat_smile:

Your advice makes sense though! I’ll probably slow down on the kanji, and try to prioritize grammar for a bit. I kind of needed a kick in the behind to get started haha

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See where you can add some immersion listening in this schedule, either by cutting some anki or memrise time imo.

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