Japanese Music Suggestions?

I really like listening to Japanese music while I study and I normally use it whatever playlist I can find on spotify, but I want to start my own. Do any of you have any good song suggestions?

This thread may interest you ^^



I found a Japanese band called Eve that I really enjoy.
Here’s one of their songs

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I like your avatar.

I like Mili.

I really like this artist Reol/れをる.
Here’s a few of her songs.


I really like Kalafina atm.

Their song Ku Gatsu especially.

I really like 水曜日のカンパネラ (Wednesday Campanella), I recommend the albums Superman and Uma.
This is my favourite song~

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I’ve been recently into this Indie pop band called Lamp. They’ve got some lovely ballads.
Here’s one of my favorites - 1998

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If you like old japanese music : https://tunein.com/radio/70s-90s-J-pop-Stream-s143618/

Lamp and Wednesday Campanella get my recommendation as well! I’ve been listening to Lamp nonstop since summer, really lovely and calming but never boring.

Other gentle pop favorites of mine:




For me that would be Anri Kumaki 熊木 杏里, Minako Kawae 川江 美奈子 and Ayako Ikeda 池田 綾子. All three ladies write and sing some truly beautiful songs.

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in this video, https://youtu.be/O-28qkBb0H8?t=2555 the song is “sexy woman” and i wonder the lyrics… i could not find them. is there anyone can help me ?

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