Japanese Songs (for Learning)

Hello! I know this is probably talked about plenty in the forums, but it seems it’s mostly either anime songs or kid’s learning music. Any suggestions from you guys as to Japanese music outside of these categories you’d suggest to everyone?

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I think the most important thing is to listen to a genre of song you’d enjoy in your own language.
You’re not suddenly going to want to listen to pop if you usually listen to heavy metal, or vice versa.
What sort of music do you enjoy now? Then people can make suggestions.

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This song taught me the connective form(〜くて) for adjectives lol


And this song taught me the causative form! (走らせた)


Surprised no one posted this yet


There is a small body of Japanese music (folk, anime, liturgical [!]) sung acapella. There is a note that acapella is very popular among younger age groups. Do a search specifically for that. Some texts found absolutely nowhere else (e.g. several Buddhist chants).

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I use X songs. Toshi is pretty easy to understand and they have a good mix of slow and fast songs. It’s fun being able to go back and listen to these songs while doing WK and picking up more and more words. A few of my favorites:

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I have been listening to Rip Slyme for 10 years, and still can barely understand anything :slight_smile:

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This was one of the first songs post-starting WK that made me realize that Japanese was finally sticking.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzfDbTO16qo NHK ETV 旧暦の月の名前を覚えるのが楽しい!


Thx to everyone for suggestions! : )

Roth Bart Baron and Analogfish are both great and have songs with easy and slow lyrics.

I’ll give you my favourite song to do at Big Echo.
鈴木常吉 - 思ひで 歌詞入り

The tempo is slow enough for beginners to follow along with furigana on the TV.

My second favourite is this one (also available at Big Echo), by ロバートの秋山:
秋山 - 願い

Both youtube videos have lyrics on screen, but no furigana. I personally am on level 8 in WaniKani and thus lacking the necessary kanjis, but I’ve memorised some of those and looked them up to make sense of the songs.





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