Learning Japanese for A E S T H E T I C S

If one wanted to learn Japanese just to get into the A E S T H I C scene, how would one go about that? Just try to learn the basics and maybe read Japanese poetry? I imagine reading poetry is pretty advanced, and I haven’t read enough Japanese poetry to know if I can skip the mundane lessons about planning business trips and catching the train :smiley:

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Aesthetics is such a broad term. If you’re learning calligraphy, that’s aesthetics too. And I guess you wouldn’t have to really learn Japanese to do hobby calligraphy. But reading poetry involves understanding, and understanding poetry involves learning grammar, history, literature, etc.

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So more specifically I’m talking about this http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/aesthetic Im getting really into the music in this scene and a lot of the titles of songs/samples are in Japanese and of a poetic nature. Im getting into producing this kind of music, would be fun to contribute :smiley:

Just write English things in katakana and throw in a kanji here and there. None of those memesters actually know Japanese anyway.


Honestly knowing katakana would be enough to help you get by with this stuff.

As raionus said, these people don’t know japanese either.

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If your only motivation for learning Japanese is for this, you should probably stop now. There are times when it’s going to be tough, you’re going to want to give up, and your original motivation will be the primary thing that will help you get through it. I don’t know you so maybe it is enough for you, but I’d think spending several years on something just for a meme would burn you out eventually.


As someone who loves memes and used to listen to vaporwave, but is also learning Japanese, I can attest to what others have said. You could throw a few hours or days into learning katakana and that would be more than enough along with maybe learning a few kanji, but if you intend to learn Japanese as a long-term thing, you’re wasting your time if that’s your only reason for learning the language.

Nothing is stopping you from learning Japanese if you find you just love learning it, but it’s a huge thing to commit yourself to and if you don’t have a passion for the language or the country, you’ll almost certainly give up.

On that note, if you get into future funk, a lot of those artists are actually Japanese, or know a lot of Japanese. However the stuff they sample is either easily accessible with little to no Japanese knowledge, or isn’t even necessarily Japanese, so producing really doesn’t take any special knowledge of the language. It could certainly help, and it could make you seem more authentic, but simply learning Japanese for those reasons alone is not enough.


Perhaps your time would be better spent studying pop culture of the 80s and 90s instead. When you want to use Japanese text, simply use google translate. I think mistranslations would actually add to the charm.

I too love vaporwave, especially when it’s played in those dead mall youtube videos.

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You never know what might motivate someone. I mean I went through 28 levels of this just because I wanted to know the language some cartoon characters were speaking, so I would know. I guess it’s not impossible OP is really dedicated to vaporwave. I agree that it’s almost certainly an overkill though.


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