Japanese Learning Podcast Recommendations

I know there’s been a few other topics like this one, but I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for yet either so I figured I’d just ask.

I’m going on a roadtrip in the next few months and will be without internet for a good number of days. I’ve been pretty on top of my vocabulary studies, but I need to get better at grammar and figured it would be a perfect time to get a jump on it! So I’m looking for some Japanese learning podcasts (or even just a series where only the audio is important) I can download, ideally I would love something that’s grammar focused in a mix of Japanese and English, but something with nice low level vocab that goes slowish entirely in Japanese could work too. Something like NHK Easy is a bit too low level for me, I’ve been making my way through Cure Dolly’s series and read through most of Tae Kim’s.

So far through the other similar topics on the forum I’ve picked up Nihongo con Teppei and Nihongo Switch. I would really appreciate any suggestions! Thank you very much!

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Commenting to follow and because I hadn’t heard of Nihongo Switch but it looks awesome! Thanks for the rec lol.

I’ve heard people recommend just looking up whatever podcasts you can find in Japanese on topics you’re interested in. I believe Tofugu has some podcast episodes about Japanese grammar as well, though those seem to be mostly in English.

Are you looking for podcasts on grammar or podcasts on anything?
For the latter, I like the Hiikibiiki podcast a lot (it‘s no longer ongoing but there is a link to a torrent somewhere in the forums where you can download everything).
If you happen to be into Macs and geeky hardware, I like a podcast that’s called Rebuild. The host always invites a guest and they chat about everything and nothing and also about geeky stuff.

For grammar studies, I haven’t used podcasts yet but maybe the Nihingo no Mori videos might even work when only listening to them? Might be an interesting experiment.