Japanese Instagram Accounts

What are some of your favorite Japanese Instagram accounts?

(Sorry if something like this has been posted before :grimacing:).

I find having them on my daily feed is extremely helpful!

One of my favorite is “learn_japanese_with_tanaka_san”. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: “boxofmanga” is good too.


I like my friend’s michiko_kimura_jp (she’s a Japanese teacher, so she adds furigana and English).


I like to follow japanese brands and restaurants that I like, you get info on their new stuff and sometimes deals. Japanese fashion is really cool <3


Seconding this!

I think the best thing you could do is follow people you’re interested in. If you like any musical artists, any fashion brands, any video games… find their accounts, or accounts that talk about it, and follow them. Ignore the translate button and try your best to read the captions, look up stuff or whatever. That way, you’re not only learning, but applying what you’re learning to something you’re actually interested in.


I’d be interested in seeing some of those restaurant and fashion accounts if you wouldn’t mind sharing.


I follow so many of the wrestlers from New Japan Pro Wrestling. But I’m also a huge nerd, so.


Sometimes I hesitate opening Instagram on the train for this reason, because it’s hard not to just stare at Tana shirtless.

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As for instagram, I follow yuto.fuku.hair I believe they’re a hair stylist (or maybe a company or business? Never actually checked I just like the pictures of pretty hair). @zakochirashi on Twitter draws Woopers every day. Aside from them I mostly follow Japanese hashtags of things I’m interested in. I follow #shinjuku, #ghibli, probably a few others (but spell it out in Japanese otherwise it’ll give you English results lol). It’s also nice to look up restaurants you’ve been to or look good and see if they have instagram accounts. Or if you have certain celebrities you follow.

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