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Hello everyone! I make some Japanese resources on insta for a friend who runs a free language exchange for Japanese learners and native Japanese speakers. We actually studied and went to the same exchange in Tokyo so I was super excited when he created this language exchange program. I couldn’t really join his team that does the bulk of the actual management (because of university stuff and dying from hw) but I wanted to still volunteer and help him out. So I started doing some art and resources for their instagram. Here are some examples!

He never really gave me any specific topics to make posts about. So I got a lot of liberty on what I wanted to make. But I’m not sure what people would actually like to see so I wanted to ask you guys as fellow Japanese learners, what would be some types of posts you guys would want to see?

I draw and design each post but I want to do it in a way that makes the content clear and easy to use? Should I stick with vocab? Kanji? sentence structures? A mix?

What would be some topics that would be helpful to see illustrated or paired with a drawing? I really want to make some helpful posts but I’m a little stuck. What do you guys think?


I think these are really nice!

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I love this! I really like the art style :heart_eyes:

Personally, I would like to see everyday scenes which would be useful in… Well, everyday life :stuck_out_tongue:
For example:

  • At the shop/supermarket (e.g.: “Excuse me, can you help me find X?”, “How much does this cost?”, “Is this for sale?”, etc…)

  • Travelling/commuting (e.g.: “When does the next train depart for X city?”, “Can you give me directions to arrive at Y Town?”, “Can you please help me find Z Building?”)

  • At the doctors [I have no idea how healthcare works in Japan?]
    (“Can I see a doctor?”, “I have a painful X/Y/Z…”, “What medicines can I take?”, etc…)

And then some other more phrases for casual topics like the usual ones (e.g.: “What is your favourite …?”, “I like X, but not Y”, “I actually prefer …”, “Sorry, no, that’s not for me :sweat_smile:”, “Yes, I like it, however …”, etc…)

I like how the layout is. I like the fact that it’s got furigana (for people like me :stuck_out_tongue:) So definitely keep those!
I personally would prefer to have whole sentences / vocabulary (since WK is taking care of teaching the kanji for me :sweat_smile::joy:) but obviously include whatever your friend’s target market needs

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Not to nitpick, but in アレルギーについて, the long vowel mark should be blue as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Omg thank you so much!!! Your answer was lovely and really helpful. Everyday scenes is definitely such a good idea and I’m gonna start brainstorming some art idea.
I’m gonna keep the furigana for sure and knowing that whole sentences is helpful is awesome!!!

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ahh I see it totally my bad. I must have missed the coloring when I was looking over. RIP it’s already sent in :sob:

I think it would help to give learners typical ideas on what to talk about in conversation and some common phrases and/or grammar that is associated to help keep a conversation moving. Stuff like hobbies, movies, food, places you visited, family, job, etc. For example, if you ask a native on their favorite ramen style, it’s unlikely to receive a lukewarm response.


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