Recommended Twitter accounts for beginner


I feel sure that this thread/conversation must exist on the forums somewhere already but I couldn’t find anything of the sort (albeit on my phone, where navigating is not as easy as on the computer), nor did I see Twitter recommendations on the master list of resources. So!

I’m looking for recommendations for Twitter accounts to follow for bite-sized, beginner-friendly doses of Japanese. Twitter is a thing I look at sometimes so why not get some study time in as well and become more comfortable with the language? Thanks in advance, everyone!


i don’t know that it’s absolute beginner level, but i’ve learned a lot of interesting words & got a lot of good chuckles from nihomophones!


It is not a Twitter account but do you know this one? Maybe it is similar to what you are looking for.

Here it is on Twitter, maybe you can follow it? I didn’t check, I don’t actively use it.^tfw&


Amazing website! Some things Japanese people talk about are really sweet :heart_eyes:


I just opened that and I discovered my first ever Japanese dad joke:


The Renault Megane!