Anyone use twitter for studying/practice?

anyone using twitter for Japanese?
Who is good to follow?
How difficult do you find it?
Or anything else you have to add?

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Earlier this year I made a second account, followed a few people, and then uhhhhh… where did I leave that little guy?


@jneapan what was it again to follow?

Edit: I guess I found it. This one right?

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I use instagram a bit more for Japanese since it has built in photos which help me, but do sometimes check out Japanese Twitters/follow a few people. Here’s some stuff you may already be doing/may already know, but may still be of interest if you are interested in Japanese Twitter:

  1. You can change your location in the app so that you get the top hashtags for tokyo or japan or wherever you want. This can be an easy way to find what’s trending in wherever you are interested / a quick way to grab people to follow who are posting in japanese and who have interests that might be varied.
  2. SoraNews24 (the english version of RocketNews24) has a fair number of “news” articles based on trending posts in Japan, and even will generally translate these side by side. At your level you may be able to actually use RocketNews24 in the japanese version, but given that it’s much more native speak the english version might still be of interest.
  3. I generally follow famous people and the consulates (ex: AKB48 members / terrace house type people / Akie Abe), but again, I really pay much more attn to instagram
  4. I find twitter most helpful for tracking Japanese news in English. This obviously doesn’t help with the “language” learning, but I enjoy following people like Jake Adelstein who do a lot of social commentary and use it to sometimes learn about events/exciting things happening, for example, staying on top of the SK/JP situation or the Olympics or the Emperor transition, etc. for someone who doesn’t normally read the news.
  5. Difficulty depends on the poster / topic for me.

Yeah, that’s the one. Free daily webmanga :grin:.

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Followed a bunch of mangaka, it’s tough. :sweat_smile:

Not to learn per se but I follow Akiko sensei on twitter: @akokitamura

She posts interesting tidbits.

I follow some Japanese families/people living in my country! It’s interesting to see everything from their perspective!

Anyway, I recommend just looking for some topic you are interested in on twitter in Japanese and then following people who tweet about that!


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