What Japanese Twitter Accounts Do You Follow?

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I would, but it’s all porn.


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Could make for some interesting vocabulary.


Just MAAAAAAAASAHIRO (Inoue Masahiro). There are too many actors with accounts, and I get easily overwhelmed by Twitter anyway.

And kotetsutoysjp, they’re Japan-based but tweet mostly in English outside of retweets. Feeds my addiction to collectibles.

Presume you meant


Lots of artists and authors from my fandom. It’s how my Japanese became very… fandom-like lingo, lol. For people who help me with Japanese, there’s Sambon Juku.

Abe Shinzo, Sanbon Juku and a whole bunch of YouTubers that I follow, who discuss Japanese society, politics, economics, education and psychology.

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A bunch of mangakas I like. :stuck_out_tongue:

You get the Japanese, plus some bonus art from time to time. :smiley:

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Mascots like Nyangostar, Funayssi and Kumamon; Rilakkuma and Kapibarasan; and some animal ones - twitter.com/capaybarahp for good capybara content, twitter.com/nekobiyiori_jp for cat stories, twitter.com/nasu_chourakuji which is a buddhist temple that has a lot of cats.

Mostly artists and YouTubers I follow

Check out Let’s learn Japanese from small talk! (@smalltalkinJP): https://twitter.com/smalltalkinJP?s=09
Check out MUTANT MONSTER (@MMgirls_jp): https://twitter.com/MMgirls_jp?s=09
Check out ジェル@すとぷり (@Jel__official): https://twitter.com/Jel__official?s=09
Check out :tulip:TORIENA​:tulip: (@toriena): https://twitter.com/toriena?s=09
Check out ichigo (@ichiRingo): https://twitter.com/ichiRingo?s=09


val0108_ Yeah is a Japanese guy that learns English slang and posts about it. Very funny. He went viral when he learned “ok boomer”
mierihiranishi is a new queer artist that wrote an autobiographical manga about coming to terms with her preferences
ishikawa_sachi is a Japanese feminist that tweets in English and Japanese. She’s always sharing what’s happening in Japanese twitter
amecokaeruda is a yuri artist
akishmz is an academic at Tokyo University specializing in queer theory and politics
makimuuuuuu Asako Makimura is a writer and lecturer that mostly focuses on her personal experiences as a lesbian in Japan
morimilmil Morinaga Milk is a pretty famous yuri mangaka that’s been published in English as well
amiidemusic is Ami from Buzzfeed Japan. You may know her from her brilliant Youtube series “Otomarikai” where she interviews queer people in Japan. Watch it! ジェンダーレスのコーツと恋愛を語ってみた!【オトマリカイ】#1 - YouTube
japaneseammo Misa is a Japanese teacher that I’m guessing many people here are familiar with
kiyoclearing is an LGBT rights activist here in Okinawa. He works to get LGBT information into schools. I met him at Pride once.
gogatsubyyyo Kabi Nagata is the author of My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness and other autobiographical manga.
sally_amaki the brilliant member of idol group 22/7 she tweets in english and japanese
tkhsmnr108 Takahashi Minori is a photographer of lesbians, basically. She’s amazing.
morishima_akiko is a yuri mangaka from works like Hanjuku Joshi and Yurikuma Arashi
reikoda Rei Kodama is another yuri writer from stuff like Stray Sheep Paradise and Hop Step Sing and of course Milky Holmes.
mk87692884 another yuri artist
u_harada president of Japan’s largest lesbian event, Tipsy. The official Tipsy twitter can be a little NSFW so I didn’t list it
chii_gid_mtf The author of “The Bride was a Boy”, the autobiographical manga about a trans woman in Japan. She posts little comics about queer culture, all in Japanese.
mesdorei of Husky and Medley fame
Julia320 Yuu Asakawa is a Japanese voice actress, English language learner, and total nerd. She’s hilarious to follow.

Those are all the ones that aren’t too risque :stuck_out_tongue: are my interests clear as day?


Shibuya meltdown:

And Hideo Kojima:

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