Japanese history books in Japanese

I wonder if there are some adequate purchasable school books on Japanese history, grades 1-6?

Looking for it on my own is pretty hard, so I thought maybe someone knows already.

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No idea if it’s used by actual schools, but this seems like a history textbook aimed at elementary school.

That came from just searching 小学校 歴史 on amazon japan. Not sure what you searched for.

I wish they had Horrible Histories in Japanese

Hm, didn’t think of that.

It does look useful.

I wonder if in Japan they actually buy any school books, or just receive from the school.

I’m sure elementary kids receive their textbooks from the school. But if you look at the free preview for that, it’s clearly what you’re looking for.

I’m sure others can be found.

On a related note, Kadokawa has a 15-volume manga series about the history of Japan: 日本の歴史 | 角川まんが学習シリーズ|KADOKAWA


That looks phenomenal. I wish I were good enough to read it right now.

Sounds interesting, but I don’t understand, is it an actual history but in the manga format, or just a manga based on the historical events and characters?

I’ve read the first two. I think it’s a bit of both. It is based on historical events but I think they’ve added parts or imagined things to help younger readers. Of course, this is amplified in the volumes I read since there’s less information about those times - I don’t know if when it gets to Nobunaga etc they would keep more closely to known facts.

Anyway, I stopped reading it because it was too difficult with all the era names etc and I didn’t want to go through 15 volumes. I’d maybe recommend just picking the ones about the eras you’re interested in.

Alternatively, I also have this one. It’s a one volume history featuring simple biographies of some of the major players in Japanese history. It looks very kiddy but I thought it actually does a good job of presenting the information in an interesting way - one chapter will be in the form of a newspaper interview, the next like a TV game show etc with lots of little box outs about the period.


I just bought the kiddy book and another from the same collection. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thought I would put this here:

You got it delivered in 2 days? What sorcery is this.

From Japan to Singapore :wink:.

Okay, no sorcery. I assumed you are an American.

Most people assume that, no worries. I’m not Singaporean either :yum:

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