Reading about history

Found this wandering through Kinokuniya today:

It’s a one volume world history encyclopedia, running from prehistoric times all the way to the present. Aimed at approximately Japanese junior high school level. Most, but not all, kanji have furigana, there are lots of pictures, and grammar is not too bad.

Link is to the ebook; has the physical book, but the link copied as gibberish.
You can probably find it via the ISBN, which is 978-4-7916-2542-0


I’ve read this 日本史-focused entry from the same series. Would definitely recommend!
It’s very rewarding to learn about another country’s history in its own language, and it’s an accessible and fun way to do it.


I got the world history version because it’s more likely to cover topics I already know something about. Sort of like reading a novel in Japanese that you’re already familiar with in English. But the whole collection looks worth digging into at some point.

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Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve been interested in learning more about Japanese history and taking a look at that book it doesn’t seem too difficult for me overall. Makes a nice change from reading mostly fiction too

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One of the things I like about reading Japanese non-fiction is that it’s usually pretty easy to find English language sources on whatever the topic is, which I can use to crosscheck my understanding of the Japanese.