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I’m trying to make some new kitsun/anki decks for practicing useful phrases / grammar that I pick up, but I’m having trouble finding audio to add to my cards. Does anyone know where I can find more than just single word audio files? For example, I want to make a card for そんな事ない with audio. I think I remember hearing about sites that people upload clips of them speaking?

Any help would be appreciated

If you’re OK with generated audio, the latest version of Anki lets you use your system’s text-to-speech to pronounce stuff: https://docs.ankiweb.net/#/templates/fields?id=text-to-speech

{{tts ja_JP:My_Anki_Field_Name}}

I don’t know if there’s a way to correct pronunciation though (for example if a kanji is being read incorrectly) – so for now I have a kana field in my cards to ensure everything is pronounced the way I want it to be.


I’m doing some GENKI AnkiApp cards and they provide audio. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s pinpointing vocab too well because sometimes you just get sentences. Of course you can seek out other Genki cards on the same chapters

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This website does not have ALL forms of ALL words but can get you pretty close. The link above can get you the pronunciation of そんな事

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Lately I’ve been collecting flashcards that have been generated with subs2srs, which takes a video and a subtitle file and makes a flashcard for you from each line, with the text, audio, and a screenshot at the corresponding time. Right now I have 171k cards in my collection (don’t worry, I’m only studying a small fraction of those), and it’s super helpful for when I want to look up sentences. To use your example, this is one of 56 cards that I found when I searched for そんなことない:


The way I have it set up, the front of the card has the screenshot and the audio, and the back has the text. You could set it up however you want of course. If you don’t want to study every line from a given show, you could simply selectively add cards as you need to – basically search in the browser for the word or phrase you want and manually add it to the new card queue.

I’ve gotten a lot of my decks from this shared folder (and contributed a couple myself recently). Happy to answer questions if you have any! I’ve been doing this for about two months and it’s incredibly helpful on a so many levels.

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Thank you for the replies everyone. I will check these out to see what will work best!

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