Flashcards like Anki through my Browser?


I was wondering if there were any Flashcard apps like Anki that run through my Browser instead of an app that is installed on my PC. I have all of my japanese learning resources set up in a folder on my browsers main page and would really like to keep it that way instead of splitting them up in any form. I know its only a minor inconvenience at worst to have an app thats not on my browser, but for some reason it bugs the hell out of me if I can’t have all my resources for one topic in a single place.

I was hoping you guys could recommend me any such website.

If you don’t mind paying, I’d recommend https://kitsun.io. They offer a free trial if you want to try it out before deciding.

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I’ve read that Ankiweb is supposed to be used together with the main program so I’m unsure about Ankiweb.

Thank you. I’ll be taking a look at it. I don’t know if I can spend much though, since I’ll be going to uni soon and I’ll be a little short on money then anyways.

It may be more flexible to setup your deck initially in the program and then just review on the web. I haven’t used the web interface much, but after finally understanding and tweaking the interval settings, I have rediscovered why Anki is so powerful. I would just stick with it - it’s the standard for a reason.

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Allrighty. Seems like a good solution. I’ll try that. Thank you :smiley:

Here’s a link to another thread with a video that demystifies the interval settings and talks about memory vs repetition. Good stuff.


Just copy-paste your list of words into the “Study words found in content” area of the Lessons page.

The site will add whatever lessons you complete to your review queue, which behaves just like wanikani’s SRS.

Unlike Anki, reviews are not self-scored. KameSame splits them into a) recognition, where you are given the Japanese word and must write the English meaning, and b) production, where you are given the English meaning and must write the Japanese word

I love it for making your own SRS flashcards. I never use the “normal” “study from a list” function, I just add my own lists of vocab from reading, but if you want to study Wanikani words or top 10,000 words you can.

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