Resources for getting sound files

Does anyone have a good go-to resource for generating or downloading sound files of native (or at least correct) pronunciation.
Im looking for a way to add sound clips with correct pitch accent to my anki decks.
Thanks in advance

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Forvo says that if you register an account you can download mp3s of the recordings, but I haven’t tried it myself.


+1 for Forvo. I try to use it for all my vocab flashcards in Anki. I’d say 75% of the time the audio quality is good, 15% it’s not great, and 10% the word isn’t on there. But if you really want the audio you can request a word and if you wait a bit someone will usually do it for you.

Edit in case anyone else sees this:
I remembered that Forvo also has commonly used phrases and sentences, not only individual words. There are also curated vocabulary lists to accompany the phrases. These also have full, downloadable audio (with an account). I didn’t notice them for a long time so I haven’t used them but they could be good mini-shadowing practice and will certainly come in handy when actually in Japan.


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