How can I make my own sets of of flashcards with audio and SRS?

I am looking for a Japanese flashcard app or website that includes three things: the ability to make my own decks, accurate audio (the I do not have to record), and an SRS system.

Every single app I am aware of is missing one of these criteria! The closest I got was with Quizlet, but, after I noticed the audio sounded strange, I asked a native speaker to listen to my deck and he said at least half of the computer-generated audio had incorrect hatsuon.

I have to learn every single kanji/vocabulary word in Kanji in Context in 7 months while in an intensive Japanese program. Without a decent flashcard app, this has been miserable so far.

Forvo has downloadable audio, but I’ve never tried it. You should be able to get the mp3s. Not an SRS itself, just a place to get pronunciations from natives.

You can also grab audio from JapanesePod101 by searching like this:δΈ€ζ™©δΈ­&kana=γ²γ¨γ°γ‚“γ˜γ‚…γ†

From there you can use which meets your other two criteria.


Plus, some of the main decks already have audio there (Genki and Core 10k).


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