January 7 2022 Content Updates

あけおめ everyone!


(5) - added き as on’yomi.


申し込む (34) - added “to apply for”, “to apply to” to allow list.

鋭敏 (40) - added “sharp” to allow list.

鋭利 (40) - added “sharp” to allow list.

終える (12) - added “to drop something” to block list.

作用 (5) - fixed collocation typo.

五百 (4) - fixed collocation mistranslation (had “two hundred” instead of “five hundred”).

〜円 (2) - added “number of yen” to additional meaning.

政策(22) - added “politics” to blocklist.

​​大役 (8) - added “big kill” to block list.

澄ます (47) - added “to climb” to block list.

叫ぶ (44) - added “to scold” to block list.

叱る (44) - added “to shout” to block list.

隠す (25) - added “to hinder” to block list.

南極圏 (39) - added “arctic circle” to block list.

寄与 (29) - added “contribute” and “contributing” to allow list, added a context sentence, and updated a context sentence.

伝わる (39) - added “to be transferred” to block list.

傷む (34) - “to get damaged” to allow list, updated meaning and reading explanations, and added two context sentences.

傷める (36) - updated meaning and reading explanations.

満点 (25) - added “full marks” to meaning list.

逸れる (56) - updated meaning mnemonic explanation.

揺する (44) - added “to have” to block list.

一番目 (10) - updated context sentence translation.


Thank you, Jenny! And a happy New Year! :grin:


Thank you, Jenny!

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Thank you, Jenny! <3

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Thank you! We appreciate the team’s consideration of user feedback as well!

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Hi! I just want to ask about 記. If the closest meaning is “record”, as some people have said to me, then “record” should be the first meaning listed, and not “write down”. ありがとうございます。

背景(はいけい) has tofugu in romaji @Mods

Hey @DIO-Berry! I’ll have the content team take a look to see if this was on purpose or not :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s fixed now.

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