Jakeipuu stopped working?

I’m very new to wanikani but do everything on my phone and so prefer apps. I’ve been using jakeipuu (iOS) exclusively. However, as of about an hour ago, it isn’t updating and is showing my next reviews as only being from like 2pm onward each day rather than, as expected, every hour or so. I’ve compared against wanikani website and the app is missing loads of reviews. I have no idea what’s happened!

I’ve uninstalled, logged out, reinstalled and logged in. This updated my reviews for the next few hours but that’s all.

Anyone else using this app and having problems?

I downloaded Tsurukame to see if I could use that instead but I much prefer the jakeipuu interface.



It appears to working, more or less, for me.

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Turns out I’m just an idiot and was looking at the wrong days to compare them :see_no_evil: was initially super confused why my days Monday onward were only starting from 2/3pm ama compared it to wanikani website, which had every hour. But I was looking at Sunday on the website :see_no_evil:

I’m still confused in general why I normally have reviews every hour or so and then as of Monday they don’t start til mid afternoon!! I guess it’s still super early days for me tho and this might be a normal thing.

Tldr; it’s just me being a noob and getting confused lol

It might be because you have no reviews for Monday yet, depending on your SRS.
You’ll have reviews tomorrow, so depending on how you handle those, you might get more on Monday too.
Due to the intervals, and depending on when you do reviews, they come back at a certain time ofcourse.

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