Jakeipuu doesn't update anymore

hey there :slight_smile:
I mostly use Jakeipuu for my reviews. However, today I had about 65 items to review. After doing 50, I again had 65 items. I did all of them a second time cause I thought - well…let’s do them once more. After doing them all over again, they are still at 65 ^^’ - At Wanikani the correct number showed. I restarted Jakeipuu again but it didnt work. So I deinstalled it and installed it again but no change…

Anyone had this issue before?

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Apparently dead, maybe this helps? Jakeipuu not working anymore? - #10 by Nirgan


I don’t know Jakeipuu (actually the first time I heard of this app somehow) but for Android I use Flaming Durtles, maybe use that as an alternative / temporary solution?

Hi all, thanks for your comments. :slight_smile:
it works again - i really dont know what happened but I guess the app was temporarily down.

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