Free levels - a question

I’m thinking about subscribing to WK after completing free levels and have a question.

I’ve now reached level three so I have an alert saying I’ve reached my last free level but when I click into level three, there’s plenty of kanji and vocabulary still to learn and unlock. Will I be able to complete these and the entirety of level three before subscribing?

I want to complete as much of the free stuff before subscribing to make the most of WK.


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Yes, WK will allow you to learn all of the radicals, kanji, and vocab in level 3 as well

But you won’t level up until you get the subscription, so I’d say learn the radicals and kanji and then when you know you’re about to level up, go ahead and get the subscription


Fab, thank you!


Level 3 will also take you longer than level 1 or 2 because the radicals here unlock additional kanji (level 1 unlocked level 2’s kanji) and those kanji then unlock more vocab, effectively giving you two waves of items if you rush through it. (Rushing through is generally not a great idea, but we all did it when starting out)

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