With the premium membership do you keep the spaced out reviews and lessons?

Hi, I have been studying japanese for about 2 months now but haven’t really learned any kanji at all so I decided to get into learning kanji. I love the system that WaniKani uses where it tells me how many hours to wait before my next review. I’m always excited to do my next review whenever it comes up. My friend told me that after level 3 I’ll have to pay for the lessons and stuff which im okay with but I was just wondering if after I get premium will I get to keep the timer between lessons and reviews? thanks :slight_smile:


of course :grinning:


No. :open_mouth:


everything’s the same except that it gets harder :smiley:


Keep in mind, the first two levels are twice as fast to increase the initial workload, you’ll experience a normal level in level 3.

Also what do you mean by timer between lessons and reviews? Lessons are not unlocked by a timer, but by either guru±ing the related previous items, or by getting 90% of all kanji in the level to guru+.

WK is perfect to complement Japanese classes because if you’re only exposed to kanji once or twice a week, they won’t stick.

The premium version is everything you get in the free version, plus so much more. So don’t worry about missing out on anything.

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sorry, I only meant a timer between reviews. I meant do i still get to unlock lessons like I do now with the free one. Like when I get the radicals to guru it unlocks a kanji lesson for me to study.

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Yes it’s exactly the same, paying just unlocks levels 4-60 for you

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Also you get a blue or purple community badge :open_mouth:

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Or a yellow one. Eventually. Maybe. Well, so they say :sweat_smile:


But I like my purple badge :tired_face:

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I do kinda miss my purple badge.


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