I've climbed the WaniKani summit, yet there are many mountains left to climb

Never would I have imagined I could reach level 60 in 363 days. Consistency is not a word I relate to, but WaniKani has kept me so motivated throughout. I felt compelled to appease the Crabigator everyday (and will continue to do so until almost everything is burned).

I am so grateful to Koichi and the WaniKani team for producing such an amazing way of learning kanji. It was something I thought would be beyond me, but it just…works! WaniKani helped to remove the stigma that kanji was a gatekeeper to learning Japanese, and instead a really fun part of it!

I’m also grateful to the WaniKani community for your posts. I’m not the most active member, but your posts have been very encouraging. It was always nice to know that we were in the same boat, regardless of our circumstances.

So, what now? As the title suggests, I’ve come to realise more and more that there is so much more to learn besides kanji. Grammar is an absolute priority for me, and is something I neglected throughout. My listening comprehension is also not great. I hope my knowledge from WaniKani helps a bunch going into these in earnest!

Again, thank you WaniKani for making Japanese something seemingly unapproachable to an absolute blast to learn. I can’t begin to imagine the doors you have helped to open in my life.


This is absolutely insane, congratulations!

People who level up consistently in 7 days make me wonder… Do you never slip up on the radicals? Or the second batch of Kanji? Or do you cheat sometimes. Honest question because I can’t imagine memorizing everything so fast so well.


I don’t know about OP, but that happened to me. You only need 90% of kanji guru’d to level up, so messing 10% or less allows you to keep going at full speed.
I’ve had times when I messed up exactly 10% of the level’s kanji and reviews got my heart racing for a bit (super sudden death mode engaged :sweat_smile:)

Congrats OP, and good luck for your future mountains. Feel free to drop by the book clubs (or, more related to listening comprehension, the movie club I guess? Although I’m not sure when it’s supposed to start).


I know, but let’s say you slip on one or two radicals. That delays the unlock of some of the second batch and then the pressure is really on for the second batch to reach the 90%.


Yes, as I said it happens. You are fine as long as they are blocking less than 10% of the kanji.
(Messing up kanji from the first batch doesn’t really matter, except for fast levels)



Congratulations! :partying_face: :tada:

That’s an inspiring tempo you had going for yourself. With that kind of energy, I’m sure you’ll do fine tackling grammar and listening as your next language goals! :slight_smile:

Good luck with your studies! ^>^


Congratulations!! :tada: :partying_face: :confetti_ball:


Congrats on Level 60! You’re very speedy, so extra congrats! :cake:


:crabigator: :cake: :confetti_ball: :partying_face:

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Any plans on using your Japanese skills in the future? Planning a trip?

I just made level 8 this morning and the hill seems quite high. Knowing there are people climbing it and making it to the top helps with the motivation! I am hoping to hit 60 in 18-20 months… hoping I stick to it. 66 days in, studied 66 days…

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RE: leveling up in 7 days.

My average is somewhere between 8-11 days. I use the script that lets me ignore an answer and I only use it when I misspell something OR type in the reading instead of the meaning in the meaning dialog… or vice versa.


Wish you the best for the rest of your endeavors…

I have a question for you or any other 60 or so leveled users;
Is it common to pass through those last 10 levels like that?

I just recently got to level 8, it’s been going well, but I’m a bit nervous about the later level kanji, they just seem so… detailed, and complex? So I was surprised to see you passed through those last 10 like that, so again,



I think for a lot of users there’s a temptation to want to go through those levels very quickly since they’re so close to the end and the goal is in sight. There’s also very few radicals being taught at these levels, so not as much “new” information as the earlier levels where you’re still learning most of them.

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bow hinata haikyu
Congratulations Cheesypeesy-先輩. What a fantastic achievement!

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my average was 6 days/level and what I would do is just use the override script to mark all the kanji of the current level I was on right even if I got them wrong until they were guru-ed just so I could keep leveling up but after that I wouldn’t cheat at all.

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How do you use the override script? I hate accidentally mistyping a kanji I actually knew and not being able to fix it.

  1. Install TamperMonkey add on for your browser of choice (works in Chrome, Edge, Safari, FireFox)
  2. Install the WaniKani Open Framework
  3. Install the WaniKani Override script

That document also gives you an idea on how to use the script so that should help you.

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Thanks a lot :smiley:

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