I Made it to level 30 and am about to go to hell

This Morning, after a little over a year, I’ve finally made it to level thirty. I feel very proud of what I’ve accomplished. Even after getting sidetracked and stuck on level 7 for 5 months and returning to 600+ reviews I was able to press on and I feel proud of myself for getting through this. I love learning new kanji and then seeing them used in real life. My reading and listening comprehension have improved but it’s time to start improving my speaking skills. Here’s looking at 30 levels of WaniKani and here’s to 30 more!


“am about to go to hell”

well good luck;)


頑張ってー ! :crabigator::fire::sparkles:


Have a nice journey! Enjoy the sauna!


How the hell do you complete a level in under a week?? Do you always get 100% or something

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You don’t need to get everything 100%. Usually, you need to get 100% or almost 100% of the radicals you learn at the beginning of the lesson right. The kanji you learn at the beginning of the lesson don’t matter as much because you have the whole week to guru them. Then you need to get the second batch of kanji you learn midway through the week close to 100%. As long as you guru 90% of the kanji, you’ll level up.

What’s equally important to accuracy, though, is doing the reviews (and lessons) at the right times. I could get into more detail, but it’s been spelled out elsewhere, notably by @jpspereira in a well-known post:

But anyway, that’s pretty much the answer. Going at 7 days or less isn’t for everyone. Go at whatever pace you feel comfortable with. Personally, I like it because I can structure it into my week efficiently, and I basically want to get through WK as efficiently and quickly as possible preferably having everything burned within two years. But others have different priorities.


No my average accuracy is about 94% i want it to be higher though. It’s all about timing. Knock out your radicals first thing and just be on time with your reviews, 4hrs then 8hrs then 23hrs then 46hrs. Just gotta learn to work the system. Most levels allow for 1 to 2 mistakes on your kanji before you fall behind. It’s like a game for me, keeps me motivated. But most important is that you actually learn the kanji and how to use it in vocabulary so don’t sacrifice actually learning them for the sake of speed please

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Welcome to hell comrade! Let’s persevere so we can finally go past it and make it to paradise.

edit: for some reason it shows Level 32 to me here in forums but I am already 4 days into Level 33.

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Wow! how come level 26 was so fast? I didn’t think a 3 day level was even theoretically possible.

There might have been a bug that’s been going around where the shown level does not accurately reflect their current level. Logging in and out apparently temporarily fixes it. Fastest is around 6ish days.

because there are only 3 radicals for that level, so it is possible to learn the 90% kanji needed to level up on first day.


Where can i see this overview of how long each level took me?

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go here mate



Congratulations. Took me about the same amount of time. Hell started after about Lv 45 for me. Really tough going but nearly there.

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I just made it to 30 too! It has been tough enough that I’m not sure what reward at the end will make it all worth it. I’m doing it for its own sake now. :slight_smile:


And that’s supposed to be paradise, they lied to us :joy::joy::joy:

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頑張れましょう!Awesome job! Let’s keep up the momentum. We’re half way there. Staying motivated is defintely a challenge. For me my motivation is to get to level 60 by the end of the year and being able to read this novel I bought. It’s ambitious but I think I can do it :sweat_smile:

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wkstats.com but be warned, it’s addictive! Lol

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Congratulations. I’ll be there in a couple days with you.


And I’ve arrived at level 30 as well.

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