I'm not even done with the last level, have mercy!



I would like to have that problem.


You don’t have to do all of them right away, and you can use WK Reorder to prioritize the lessons from the last level.


Welcome to almost every level up in the 40’s/50’s (though I assume this is from not finishing your lessons before level up?)

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Also keep in mind that that problem may not last very long. For me at least, I find that I’m messing up so often on kanji that I have lots of time to finish up the previous level’s vocab and only get about 40 lessons max for a new level. Have fun though. you are in one of the hardest stretches of WK (or so I’ve heard).

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This happened to me too on level 7. If you level up slower, they come in slower, level up faster, you get a tidal wave. I use a re-order script to pull out radicals and kanji, then work on the vocabs while the radical and kanji are being reviewed. This way, I don’t have a “lull” at the end of each level where my kanji are in the review cooler for 2 days, and I don’t have any lessons. :sweat_smile: Only drawback is I have to be disciplined to make sure I get to the end of the vocab lessons eventually, and not let them just build up over time.

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I had this problem ( for the last 20 levels)
I don’t even see it as problem anymore

Hahahaha. I just had this happen to me a few days ago when I leveled up to 6. Haven’t gotten to the level 6 stuff yet, but I’m steadily working through it.

That’s the default so you don’t need a script for it. WK will serve the lessons from previous level first. Unless you set the lesson ordering settings to “shuffled”.

Apart from that, I agree with @anon8142279 senpai. You can do them step by step :slight_smile:

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Huh. I never realized that but I guess it’s a good design decision on Tofugu’s part.

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Ah. The thing I hate most when I level up.

I’ve found that doing 20 lessons a day when I am at or near 100 Apprentice items I get hit with 120 or so at a level up instead. This latest level, from 24 to 25, I braved hitting 160 Apprentice items just to see if the despair on level up is smaller a blow. I will let you know tonight when I level up after my 70 reviews in 45 minutes! :rofl:

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