Stuck on Level 7 ... How should I work this?

I am stuck on Level 7 and not progressing because of so many Vocab in the Lessons that I am being forced to go through before any current level Radicals or Kanji. (I am assuming it’s Vocab stacked up from previous levels, so it’s not like I think it’s a bug)

I had been keeping my Apprentices at around 100 and now I have 80 Lessons piled up. My question is should I keep slowly moving through this Vocab, keeping the Apprentices at 100 or should I knock out at least all the previous level Vocab from my Lessons so those are all included in Apprentices?

This is my first time getting stuck like this at a new level, so I’m a bit confused at why it happened.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

As you thought, this is not a bug. Here are a few options available:

  1. Change your lesson order in settings to shuffled (I wouldn’t really recommend this).
  2. Do your vocab lessons from the previous level more quickly. You could do this if the vocab is relatively easy for you, but if that’s not the case you might get overwhelmed.
  3. Use the [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter script. This will allow you to learn radicals, kanji, and vocab all together during lessons. This way you can keep progressing while still learning your vocab. If you try this, just make sure you do around 3 times more vocab than kanji (when available), or you might get behind on your vocab lessons. You could also use this to do all your radical lessons right away if you wanted to.

Thank you for these suggestions!

I might be wrong, but do you want to go too fast? Lots of people here seem to compete on speed, or find WK too slow. You, on the contrary, might want to slow down. Goal is to remember, if it takes time, so be it.
I seemed stuck on one or two leels but keep going and you will get there. Good luck!


Yup. That happens.

When you get the last bunch of kanji to “guru”, you both level up, and unlock the associated vocab.

I’m in no hurry, so I just spend a couple days going through the vocab until I get to the radicals. This keeps me at a 9 to 10 day per level pace, which is OK with me.

One of the benefits to this is there is generally a point in every level right BEFORE I guru a bunch of kanji where I have no lessons. I think of this day as my WaniKani holiday. A day “off”, where I only have reviews no lessons.

Of course, this is inefficient, if you’re going fast. So, your call on the re-order script.


OK, I feel like I’ve gone all over the place with this post so good luck interpreting what I wrote or y’know just ignore it. Whatevs.

Just some info for you:

Number of items in levels 1-3
84+152+121= 357

Number of items in levels 4-6
184+191+187= 562

One reason why it feels like it’s taking forever could be because of the number of new items increased from the early levels. If you’re trying to keep your apprentice items around 100 (:+1:), not only do you have more items overall, you may have some leeches from earlier levels taking up space in your apprentice pile.
So, here is a badly done diagram by me:


The more leeches you have, the less space you have for new items which slows you down.


Oh hm, I always thought the 100 apprentice rule was meant to be that you could blast through all of your lessons when you had less than 100 items in apprentice before the lesson blasting. Maybe that’s why I’m always so busy. Also I have like 500 leeches that might also be the problem.

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I like to go as fast as possible just to stay consistent with my days, but yeah I don’t mind if it takes me longer. Just curious since this was the first time it happened to me!

Thank you for feedback… makes me feel better to know it’s not just me.

That does sound like what’s happening. Makes sense to me. I guess I just need to keep at it and eventually I’ll break through. If my problem is leeches, then it’s all a part of making sure I really learn those. I’m okay with that!

Thanks for taking the time to explain it.


Honestly, my own personal advice. I just do everything that comes. The point of the SRS system is that you will keep seeing it until you know it. So I like that it will not pass me without knowing the information. My boyfriend just hit level 7, so I know for sure it was a jump. We worked on three hours of Japanese on Monday night going though 95 lessons. Yikes. But that is what happens to both of us every level up. I think I had 72 when I hit level 6. If you are just trying to get through it as fast as you can, keep even pace so to speak. I would say just do all the lessons and keep working through the material. It will stick.

That works fine early on, but doing all of your lessons all at once can get overwhelming after a while.


Level 7 is very early days. Your work load will get larger, but… your ability to memorize kanji will get better too!


To add to what everyone has said, having 80 lessons waiting for you isn’t rare at all. So long as you chip at them when you can, the pile will shrink. A lot of people stop doing all their lessons around the level you’re at, because they don’t consider it bearable to do all of them at one go when still dealing with lower-level items.


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