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I’ve noticed a bug that’s been popping up the last few days. Sometimes, let’s guess maybe 50% of the time, when I get a review wrong and the item details pops up, it shows the wrong info. Screenshot attached. I’m not entirely sure, but I believe it’s showing the item info for the last item that I did correctly.

I have discovered that this only happens the first time I get the item. If it pops up a second time (and I get it wrong again), the item info seems to be fine.

Since I’ve noticed it I’ve been randomly opening up the item info when I get something correct, but that always seems to be the proper info.

I’m using the latest Firefox, and admittedly I’m running WK Open Framework and Double Check.


Could be one of the scripts, but it looks like the db look-up is incorrect. @Mods could you check just in case? :pray:


I’ve seen that @mods pop up a bit on the forums. When someone writes that (as I just did) does it ping the mods to check out the thread or something?


Yes, that’s exactly what that command does. They can’t monitor everything posted, so for things you really need help with, either ping them on here or email them for more complex issues that needs discussing in detail. :slight_smile:


Could you try disabling scripts and clearing your cache and see if the issue persists?

Well I’m not too keen on that for two reasons:
A) I’ll be deliberately getting an item wrong without being able to undo it with double check or whatever
B) Since it doesn’t happen all the time, I’ll potentially have to do this for multiple items.

But since TofuguNico is my pal, I’ll do it and get back to you when I next have a decent review stack.

Thanks for this. Unfortunately, as we can’t reproduce the error on our end, the only way for us to understand why this is happening to you is for us to know what parameters you are working with.

You also don’t need to deliberately get items marked as wrong, just let us know when it happens organically :slightly_smiling_face:

If it helps, I have a [Block Review Submit] script for exactly this type of situation. It’s helpful for testing things on the Reviews page without actually affecting your reviews.

I’ll also see if I can replicate the issue so I can see if it’s related to Double-Check.


Just saying, I’ve definitely had this happen to me and I don’t use double check. I’ve also found that sometimes just closing the item info and reopening it fixes it

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I just did a few reviews on my laptop last night with tampermonkey disabled, and I was still having this issue.

Ok thanks for letting us know, could you also try in incognito mode? It seems some scripts still persist and have an effect on WaniKani even when they are disabled. If the issue persists, could you try waiting just a second before pressing ‘f’ to reveal the info? From a report from another user, it seems this could be due to loading times.

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