Can't View Item Info in Reviews

I’m not sure if this is related to the other thread about the Broken Toolbar but I can’t even view item info in my reviews. I’ve disabled scripts and everything. The ‘F’ Shortcut doesn’t work and I can’t click on item info either. So I can’t see what the correct answer is to something I’ve forgotten haha. Seems to be an issue starting from today


Yep, same here. I was also thinking this might be an after-effect of the broken and now seemingly fixed toolbar.

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I’m also having the same issue, the toolbar is fixed now tho. edit: seems like only the layout of the toolbar was fixed, the buttons dont actually seem to work still
Same as with the toolbar issue, disabling Script Compatibility Mode seems to fix it


Yup, it’s happening to me as well. Turning off compatibility mode fixes it, but also kills my scripts so :grimacing:

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Same problem here! Very annoying!

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Jupp, thought it was the scrips for a couple of minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


Also noticing the wrap-up button is doing nothing


Thanks for the info guys.

WORKAROUND: disabling Script Compatibility Mode

As for userscipts: the following still work for me and are probably all you need
Open Framework, Jitai, Pitch Accent, Double-Check

Ulitmate reorder had to be disabled but thats fine

Same for me, the Item Info is not working. I don’t have a script for compatibility mode, nor jitai, wanikani pitch info, any other solution?


Same here.

This site really needs to do regression testing before pushing to production. There have been a few times now where I’ve hit very significant bugs like this one, and those should be immediately obvious with almost any amount of testing.



Can confirm that turning off script compatibility temporarily fixes it.

It’s an option you can switch on/off in your app settings when you click your userprofile on the dashboard.

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-Adding to the numbers who are affected-

  • Adding to the numbers who are affected -

no its not because it requires compatibility mode turned on which is off by default

Some pretty simple automated browser tests would solve it.
You could even run the same tests in script compatibility mode, since there is afaik no difference in functionality or interface.

I agree that it is really annoying every time it happens. It’s never broken for long, but considering how wanikani is something most people use routinely, even a disruption for a day can be frustrating.


i was so cheeky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Same as everyone else

I cant use WK reviews without my scripts so going to need to wait for a fix before I can do my reviews.