Wanikani Jumping Around?

Finally testing reviews on a computer for the first time since the update and the shown item usually changes before I can type. It almost always changes to a different second item and does this every time after I hit enter. It also seems like the counter doesn’t work anymore. I set things to “finish up” and even after clearing 2-3 items completely, it showed that I still had 9 (of 10) items left.

If this is a known error with a script, please let me know.

According to the heatmap script, I completed 9 reviews, but I don’t remember completing the other side of the item for 1-2 of those.

Really no one else experiencing this? It’s triggering headaches for me…

Could you try disabling all the scripts? I don’t know what you’re using but since vanilla WK works fine it’s probably one of them.

This might have been a bug in my Later Crabigator userscript that should be fixed in version 1.13. Hitting Enter to proceed to the next question also clicked the “Later” button. I’m sorry if my script caused problems.


That might be it then, I’ll try updating the script again. Thank you!

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Thank you so much!! That fixed it! I really appreciate your confusion guesser and later crabigator. The confusion guesser really helps me to figure out the difference between kanji I get mixed up and later crabigator is what’s gotten me through 500 item review piles without resetting. Thank you for your contributions to the community :green_heart:


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