Japanese Text-to-Speech on text selection for Mac; I have to manually set it up

I am not sure if Windows can do something like this. I am on Safari on MacBook Air.

It helps me a lot, because I hate reading, and I am too good at denying visuals; but I find it hard to deny audio… If one speaks, I automatically listen.

It also help to read Kanji

Japanese robot speaker’s names are Kyoko and Otoya, and it is not selected by default.

I make it read example sentences.


Just tested and have a really good impression of it, I’d recommend to anyone with an Apple device.
Also the Otoya’s voice is really awesome.

Plus you can bind the key to make it easier to use like this:

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Hearing those Japanese voices speak an English sentence is the epitome of the cliched Japanese English accent.


Now try having the English voice speech a Japanese sentence.

Nice. I haven’t tried this before.

zomg. What happens?

Just tried it. HIRAGANA LETTER SU.

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How’s the accuracy? I have no idea how well Japanese TTS works given the ambiguity of the written language.

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