Suggestion: Audio with Sample Sentences

It sounds like WK is working on these two issues. The site just recently added another voice actor… and the site is redoing some of the context sentences (as per a post reply).

Here’s my suggestion: Why not utilize the voice actors to give us sample readings of at least one sentence? It would help to HEAR the kanji spoken within the context of a sentence. After all, the sample sentences are supposed to help us read the kanji… It would be somewhat of an easy thing for a voice actor to do. And it would help the site and us learners immensely, I believe. :slight_smile:


Yeah, this was asked in the Audio update thread and this was from viet:


:thinking: Sure? But not thousands of example sentences. .-. Also $$$.


You should add a few dollar signs for the therapist they’ll need after making the voice actors actually say some of those example sentences aloud.


hahahaha ~ hilarious

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