Audio for example sentances

I think it would be really helpful if the audio was extended to example sentances…any chance of this being rolled out ?


It would certainly be helpful… but hiring voice actors to record 10000 sentences or whatever is a big cost for the benefit.


Maybe bit by bit, guessing that the biggest benefit would start at the first levels (say up to 30 ) and perhaps just one of the examples rather than both ? could get number down a lot.

Not to mention the continuous cost of updating the audio every time they fix a typo.

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I agree that it would be cool, but I also have no idea how difficult it would be. BunPro has audio for most of their N5 sentences, but I think that’s way less sentences than WaniKani has.

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Where did they get that audio from though? WaniKani pays for its own recordings.

Edit: not implying they stole it. It could have been from a freely available resource

As far as I know BunPro doesn’t use manual real human’s voice recordings. Unlike WaniKani.

They claim it’s a real person, but it sounds robotic to me…

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Good idea! The amazing 10k vocab deck on Kitsun has audio for every word and every example sentence. It would be great to have audio for the sentences on WK too!


I heard they were revising their sentences so perhaps until they’re finished there won’t be a chance of audio?

You can use Google’s TTS while you wait for the audio, if it happens. I do it for a lot of sentences I find around the internet. It may be robotic, some are better than others, but it’s better than nothing.
Another thing I do I take out the audio from a video, then get that section that I want, the one where the sentence is being read out loud. My ANKI deck consists of TTS generated audio and audio extracted from videos (Real people)

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