Issues with Input?

Hey everyone! I’m just getting started using Wani Kani as part of my Japanese studies, and already feel like I’m learning a lot. However, I keep having issues with inputting the kana for certain kanji. There are times when I write the correct thing, and it grades me as having made a mistake. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

Especially with the characters じゅう, for 十.

For 十 are you absolutely positive you’re writing じゅう and not じゆう? If you don’t know the difference you may want to freshen up on your kana as this kind of difference is VERY important to distinguish between.

From the FAQ.


Yep, this is my bad. I was on mobile, not typing the combination hiragana. Thanks!

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I ran into this issue with 今夜 (こんや). If you type “k-o-n-y-a”, you will get こにゃ/こにや.

This surprised me, as there is no such thing as こんゃ, so I didn’t realize it was also affected by the rules outlined in the FAQ.

if you type konya you will get こにゃ
if you type koniya you wil get こにや
if you type konnya you will get こんや
if you type konniya you will get こんいや
and if you type konxya you will get こんゃ

that n thing takes time :sweat_smile:

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You can also use konlya for こんゃ. I learned this the hard way trying to use la li lu le lu for らりるれる in place of using r.

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