Problem with entering kanji reading during lessons

Hello everyone,

I’m fairly new here and started out just a couple of days ago. Currently, I’m still at level 1 (but that’s normal and fine by me). I don’t know if this is just me, but for some reason, when I type the reading of a kanji and hit ‘enter’ I am shown that what I typed is wrong, even though it isn’t. However, when I use the given kana chart or copy/paste from the infobox, it says it’s correct.

To name an example: the kanji “ten” is where I’ve encountered this. The reading would be: じゅう, right? And even though I do type exactly that, the system says it’s wrong. Is this a bug perhaps or am I the only one affected by this?

Of course, this negatively affects my level progress (I’ve tried typing it in several times - failing), so I would like to know what’s behind this and find a solution for this.

Thanks for reading and for your help! It’s greatly appreciated, and I am looking forward to my time on here. :smiley:

EDIT: Thank you guys so much! :smiley: I didn’t know that the size of ゅ plays such a big (pun intended) role haha.

~ Kainorian

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Since you say copying from the info box works, are you absolutely sure that you’re not typing

じゆう (jiyuu)

rather than

じゅう (juu)? ^^


Welcome to the community!

The previous responses should help, but if you’re still having problems, please provide a screenshot. It’ll help a lot catching any other issues you might be noticing.


We also talk about small characters (and a bunch of other stuff) over in the WaniKani Knowledgebase, which is like our FAQ and user guide rolled into one. :slight_smile:

Welcome to WaniKani!

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Thank you for the tip! Very appreciated. :smiley:


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