Issue with skipping to next word

I’m having an issue where it will often skip to the next input immediately after entering an answer without telling me if I am right or wrong.


If you use the doublecheck script, this is a known issue due to recent changes on wanikani that can be fixed by updating to the latest version 2.2.29.

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Go here to update your Double Check: Wanikani Double-Check

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Thank god that was easily solved. Almost gave up on studying today…


I would’ve been more worried if it was marking things as wrong instead of correct. So it could’ve been worse. :smile:

don’t have any scripts running and this is happening for me, too.
if it’s of any help, i noticed that it happens on chrome and not on firefox.

this started about a week or two ago and can be reproduced fairly consistently - doesn’t happen all the time but does happen every now and then, just like for the original poster

The next time a skip happens, try to immediately open the browser console and see if there are any errors there.

there are no exceptions in the console, and it seems that during the skip the progress submission is still being sent.

just a wild guess, but this feels to me like a errant double event handling on the keypress (i’m using Enter to submit).

I have never used any kind of script, don’t even have TamperMonkey installed, and this happens to me too.

Started around 3 weeks ago I guess. Happened today again a couple of times.
Firefox 89.0.2.

EDIT: I’m also using Enter to submit.

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