Is this sentence correct in any way shape or form

I’m trying to say something like “right now I’m studying kanji, but not grammar”. Does this sound at all right or am I so far off it’s like I’m not even speaking Japanese: 今、私は漢字を勉強していますが、文法を勉強していません.

I tried to use my VERY limited knowledge to say it with like a tiny bit of “help” from Google translate (like 70% me 30% translate). Just doing this for fun :grin:


It’s not perfect, but it definitely gets the point across!


Can you tell me where I went wrong? Or where translate failed to help me :joy:

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I don’t really like to give grammar advice since I am afraid of being wrong akkolul
I’ll leave that to the people with more knowledge or hubris than me 295787090669469698


I think it’s a perfectly fine textbook sentence. Sure one could do with some contrastive はs to stress the point more strongly or leave the superflous 私 out of the sentence but I feel like it’s not really needed. Especially since we don’t want to put words into your mouth :smiley:


There are no ungrammatical parts of the sentence, so it’s perfect in that sense.

A Japanese person would probably not use any pronoun, unless the context demanded it, but then you’re getting into a discussion of style rather than just grammar.


Aside from no grammatical mistakes, I think using は…は here would be nice, in place of を. It gives it a contrastive swing to it. If you want to avoid the triple は, you can of course leave out the pronoun.

Edit, so basically exactly what @downtimes said. Sorry!


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