Is this a scammer or is WK just clueless?


I’ve been a WK subscriber for almost a month. My monthly plan renews in early March.

I recently got an E-mail from someone claiming to be from WK, asking for my billing address and claiming there was a problem with it. The thing is, I went to my account page and my full, legal mailing address is right there.

He also claimed my payment went through already, then switched gears and claimed it wouldn’t, and doesn’t seem to know my renewal date in any case.

The biggest red flag is that he keeps asking for my personal information through E-mail, which is a huge no for me.

So, is this from WK? Or is it a scammer? The address line says it’s from hello at wanikani, but I do know those can be easily faked.

Thanks for any info.


I’d expect this to be a scammer. I’d suggest you get in touch with the WK team (either through the chat function on the dashboard in the help menu or through email) and tell them about this. Also I’d strongly advise you not to respond to these emails and not do disclose any private information (which you luckily did not do - good job! :+1:).


Start speaking in Japanese on the phone with them and listen to their reply. If they use the wrong pitch accent, it’s a scammer.


I mean, what’s the domain of the email address? Is it actually from

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The address line says so, but I also know they can easily be faked (I often get phishing e-mails apparently from my address)


Probably a good idea to tag @mods here so they see it

That does sound like phishing


This isn’t a scam. Our team was replying to you but it seems like you’re emailing us from two different accounts with 2 different plans and addresses. Don’t worry, we’ll reply to your second email. Please give us a bit of time to reply as Monday mornings are always a bit busy!

I’ll be closing this thread so we can reach out to you via email instead. Thanks for your patience!