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So I just started a subscription of 9$ a month, but when i click on billing and go to invoices and charges there are multiple ID’s with different prices shown there, some paid and some not. I think that it’s just different people starting their subscriptions, but my dad didn’t trust it and was really anxious he was gonna lose hundreds of dollars. so yeah, can someone confirm what i think? (also not sure if this is the right place to post something like this, if it’s not I’m sorry haha)

I’m not sure what you’re seeing, but I’ve never heard of anyone getting overcharged by WaniKani. If you want to ask them about your specific case, it’s probably best to email them.


There’s a bunch of random id’s with dates and stuff in that section. I guess WaniKani anonymously shares people who subscribed to the service.

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My invoice tab says I’ve never subscribed and there’s nothing to show me.

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WK has been around for quite some years as a paid service, so you’re not taking a risk on an unproven company.

If there is any problem, they’ll sort it out very quickly over email.

Welcome to WK and good luck on your kanji journey!


Or you can chat with the new chat button on your dashboard! It seems to be live now. Only during US West Coast office hours, I think, though.


So fancy and new! O:


That sounds quite odd. Probably a bug if it’s showing other users’ invoice information.

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Those are your invoice IDs. They’re randomly generated and specific to that transaction.

That’s an actual bug. So is multiple transaction IDs for the same billing period. I’m chatting with them now about it.

Update from chatting with Jen on the WK page:
“We’re doing some work on our billing page but it shouldn’t affect users right now…”

They’re checking their end so I’m sure it will be fixed soon.


It’s a legit company and people have been using their service for years. Tell your dad not to worry. :smiley:


But they were all recent, I bought my subscription months ago. And they were different amounts some paid some not like the OP said. I am confused.

I updated the post:


Alright thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry if that worried your dad! You definitely won’t be losing any dollars (let alone hundreds!). We’ve had this issue actually for a while but we’re in the middle of working on updating the billing/invoice page so hopefully you won’t be seeing this on your end after a few weeks. Either way, the extra ones you see are incomplete or failed invoices, and your card isn’t being charged in addition to your regular subscription fee. New users or users who used to have a subscription but have cancelled may see these extra invoices on their end.


Heh, me too. Guess Lifetime doesn’t technically count as a subscription?

I think there must be a time limit or something. Mine also shows nothing, but I had one each of monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions.

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Lol, if you even have a lifetime account, why doesn’t it show you purple circle? I see, that you’re called purple level 60 circle, but I’ve been asking myself this question for a while now XD - ever since I first saw users without the circle.

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Koichi did something to hide mine, but I’m not really sure what he did. (Because I’d have a gold level 60 badge, but I wanted the purple lifetime badge.)


Unverified. They seem dodgy to me.

Funny. But now you don’t have any badge, do you ^^?

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