Subscription failed

My Mastercard has been declined. I’m using Virtual Card Number (VCN) for my MasterCard and I was able to pay through the same method before. I don’t understand why it can’t work, I already sent an email to hellowanikani and Koichi, but the reply hasn’t come yet.

Unfortunately, you may have to wait until after the weekend for a reply, since WK is a very small team.

But when they see your message, they’ll get back to you in very short order, in my experience.

Hope it will be resolved for you swiftly!

Thank you for the reply. But, I still don’t quite understand why my account is still working even though I haven’t paid yet for this month subscription.

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My understanding is (have never tried it myself) that when you stop paying, you still get access to everything from the first 3 levels, just like before you started paying. So your WK account as such never gets deactivated, it only gets restricted in what you can access. (The forum account also never gets deactivated.)

Well, actually I still get access to my last level, so yeah, I got lucky I guess

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Most companies have a so called grace period, which means they assume a payment error made in good faith. They’ll retry charging your card and block your account after the period ends.

I’m not sure about WK but usually a grace period can last for a week or two.


Thanks for the info, I hope WaniKani team will answer my email soon

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