Idk how to say. you may find it rude

Hey guys my name is Reza Ghezelbahsh and I’m from Iran.I want to learn Japanese on Wanikani. I know it’s rude to say but I wanted to know if you guys have a life time account and don’t use it or don’t want it, can give it to me to learn Japanese?(I’ll give it back to you in anytime you want I’m not the owner) you know in Wanikani there are just 3 free levels and then you must pay for subscription.Unfortunately because of sanctions in my country I can’t pay for subscription for any foreign website or apps, it’s sad. I can learn Japanese on my own with Wanikani too like just writing vocab words and kanjis down in a notebook and learn like this but I just wanna do reviews because they help me too much anyway I’ll be thankful and happy if you can help me with my problem. :pensive:
I’ve reached level 3 five times now and then I reset it’s very sad isn’t it?


I suggest you contact the WK team directly for issues to do with payment and subscriptions There was a different Iranian that started WK some time ago with the same issues due to the sanctions. I can’t remember exactly how that was solved, though I suspect it was through talking about the situation with Tofugu.

In any case, members can’t transfer their subscriptions, so you need to go through the WK team. If you’re willing to pay for your subscription, I’m sure they’ll wanna help you do so.

Good luck!


Tnx they might help me

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I totally understand your frustration. For some reason Wanikani payment service didn’t accept my PayPal payment either. I contacted Wanikani staff and they couldn’t help me either because it’s beyond their control (I don’t blame them. They already did everything they could) So I miss on that life time deal :neutral_face:.

Then I got a new credit card later and I subscribe to Wanikani monthly instead because the lifetime discount already expired. Mannn I still really want that life time chrishtmas deal.

I hope things get better in Iran. I really do. All of the Iranian I know are really nice and cool people.


Sad my problem is that I can’t transfer money I mean I can’t use pay pal or any other foreign payment apps

Hopefully they could solve your problem. I know you mean nothing bad, just purely want to study Japanese. However, what you are asking is something they can’t encourage to happen here. If they really can’t find a way to accept you payment. You could look into another route in lerning Kanji. Wanikani is fantastic but it’s not the only tool for learning Kanji and vocab.

Anki is great and certainly work for a lot of people.

After that, you could still hang around and ask questions here if you want.


I can’t help you with WaniKani, but check out

It’s similar to WK, and they have a lot of free courses for learning Japanese and Kanji.

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@anon91618094 Yup! You don’t need a subscription to be welcome here. (I don’t, and I’ve been around for about a year.) I hope you will find a solution, but if that’s not possible, you can still be part of the community here. :slight_smile:


Idk but tnx for advice I’ll learn Japanese the way I learned English by using dictionary and I’ll make flash cards for reviewing my lessons

Idk man I just need reviewing it’s like a drug that I’m addicted to it


I’ll check it out

Btw, maybe you already know it, but while the SRS side of WaniKani does indeed require payment, the information - radicals, kanji, vocab, mnemonics, audio and context sentences - is freely available even for free subscribers.



So, you can still get quite a lot out of WaniKani even without getting a paid subscription.
Anyway, best of luck to you!

P. S. Btw, I think there was recently a similar thread from someone with a similar problem…
UPDATE: Found it!


Yeah I know that but reviews help a lot I can’t say I’m lazy but I’ll try my best to learn this language I learned 4 other languages just by writing,reading and making flash cards now I’m master in them

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That’s really cool!
I only know two languages; Japanese will be my third one :sweat_smile:

P. S. Btw, if you want free listening practice, there is a great free podcast:


Hahaha. It’s always easier (and more fun) when you have a system lining up the reviews for you. That’s for sure. I really hope you find a way to subscribe. Anki and Memrise are probably among the best alternatives otherwise though. You can also try Duolingo for a bit to see if it suits you, though I don’t think it’s a good solution in the long term. It’s just a practice and vocabulary drilling tool.


Ah, good you found the other thread that I also was thinking about. Hopefully the Tofugu team has a solution. :slight_smile:


I actually know those others because we had foreign neighbors and they helped me alot in the way I was I just mastered in Arabic in about 2 years Turkish 3 years English(not mastered yet but trying my best) and Japanese is my fifth and my mother language is Persian


Idk man maybe I tryed to make flash cards maybe they helped. unfortunately for me I wanna learn both writing and reading and it slows me down


Are pre-paid cards available in Iran?

Could make an anonymous transaction if so.


Idk I can pay with btc but there’s no option for that