Is this a japanese idiom, a joke or a mistake

I got this example sentence for 察する

From Koichi’s language and behavior, I presume he is very soft on women.

So having something long beneath the nose presumes that someone is being soft with women? :thinking:

5 Likes鼻の下が長い


The way characters faces deform in anime when they’re perving suddenly makes a lot more sense!

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That’s a curious one for sure :laughing:

Is there any japanese urbandictionary ? It’d be cool to learn about the etymology of these

Most idioms can be found in the actual dictionary as well.鼻の下が長い

That doesn’t have etymology, but perhaps an idiom (慣用句) dictionary would have more.


It might interest you all to know that 鼻の下をばす ('to extend the bit below one’s nose) is the expression that describes a man changing his facial expression when a man finds a woman attractive. IDK if there’s an etymology dictionary entry for this one, but some Japanese explanations I read basically say that it’s what happens when a man’s face relaxes or slackens upon seeing a woman he likes.


I just wanted to say I’m excited about the fact that your avatar is a salmon nigirizushi. :sushi: :heart_eyes:


Thanks, it helps me remind why am I learning Japanese


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