Is there a script that will change the interface of wanikani into Japanese

Specifically, for the reviews: “Vocabulary: Reading” Thanks!


Not the website maybe but I found this cool thing recently, you can change the forum language to Japanese! Preferences > Interface > Interface Language.


But it’s not perfect, so don’t try to learn from it too much!


What do you mean?

It probably has translation mistakes. I know that the Portuguese and Russian ones have.


Ah yeah. Some stuff in the Dutch version is super awkward and feels Google Translate-y. I’d readily believe it if someone says some of the Japanese is unnatural or just wrong.


are 5 つの未読1 つの新着 トピック が残っています、あるいは WaniKaniの他のトピックを見てみてください。

This is from the bottom of the page. With larger numbers it still keeps the つ, even though that’s not grammatical. And it starts with a random English word. It does help your brain get used to seeing kana and kanji in more contexts, though. Makes it less exotic, and maybe tricks your brain into thinking all these kanji are useful, after all.

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