[Request] Japanese mode

Hi everyone - just wondering… is there any plan for a japanese option - specifically to change the menu texts to japanese? I like the idea of opening Wanikani and only seeing japanese on the page… Maybe it could be a reward for users past a certain level, where their level should have them reading the page comfortably? Obviously, flavor text/ mnemonics would have to remain in English.


They just recently revamped he site and you’ll see the kanji when you click on it.

Do you mean having them all in Japanese permanently instead?


If the intent is like the last one I saw, the intent is that as you learn words different bits of the site change into kanji e.g. for that screenshot ~1 hour would become 〜1時 and next hour 時次 etc.
(as you learn those items)
(and properly translated because I probably messed that up)

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