Is there a Script that turns WK UI into Japanese?

Sorry if this is a super common question, spent around 30mins searching on the forums and the API and Apps list with no luck.

I am trying to find a script that would turn most of the WK UI into Japanese. I already see they use Japanese a bit when I mouse over some menu items (radicals turn into 部首、Kanji turn into 漢字、etc.) but I stare at this site for at least 1-2hrs a day so I think it would be nice to view it in Japanese (well everything except for stuff like mnemonics, explanations etc.)


I don’t know about a script that does this, but if you are using Chrome you can switch the default language of Chrome’s UI to Japanese by going to Settings>Advanced Settings>Languages (or just search “Languages” in the settings search). From here, add Japanese and click on the option “Display Chrome in this Language”. Chrome will reboot and all pages will be default Japanese.

There are problems with this because 1. Wanikani doesn’t auto-translate, so you may have to right-click and select translate to Japanese (all the right-click options are also in Japanese) 2. Everything is Japanese, so you might get lost turning it back 3. It is not perfect and the homepage of Wanikani had glitches in formatting, and finally 4. If the page doesn’t auto-translate, it will turn back to English each time you reload (you have to right-click again).

Personally, I’d love to see a script that makes Wanikani’s UI Japanese as well.


Maybe one that only includes kanji that you had learned thus far, implementing the API… is that too advanced? Just a thought.

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Well there is wanikanify but it’s more a browser addon and it doesnt always use the correct kanji. Still helps for reading random kanji without furigana, just not always the correct kanji

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