[Feature Suggestion] Japanese Interface!

it would be really cool if there was a setting to switch the WK interface to 日本語 (not all the settings, just the common stuff you see daily, menus and the review/lesson UI). An awesome way to achieve this would be to gradually switch the interface to Japanese as the user unlocks the relevant words (for reviews you basically only need 部首, 漢字, 単語, 読み方 and 意味)
Maybe there is already a userscript for this?



The idea to gradually adjust it based on your unlocked is awesome. It will show your progress as you evolve to a kanji master


Some words seem to be in Japanese from the start, specifically the answer field for the readings; it has had 答え for as long as I can remember. Then when I unlocked that lesson, the “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” that happened was immensely gratifying.

I like this suggestion though! At least the dropdown menu in the homepage, maybe some settings. (But maybe that would be jarring to see a mix of both English and Japanese if you haven’t fully unlocked some specific setting words.)

Alternatively, can there be a language switching setting somewhere, to fully change the interface into Japanese?


Change the settings here:



I think OP meant Wanikani itself, not the forums. However, I do agree that changing the forums to Japanese is also a good idea :ok_hand: Lots of things in katakana.


I honestly didn’t know that there was a Wanikani outside of the forums. Isn’t that just a myth? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(I feel like a total nitwit now. )


There totally is a userscript for this, I think it’s called wanikanify. It changes English words that you’ve unlocked on WK to the Japanese version. It does it for all websites though-but it’s easy to toggle on and off with a little button that it adds to your browser. It’s not perfect but it’s sort of what you’re asking for I think. I’m on mobile so I can’t go find the link but let me know if you want it and I’ll find it later on my computer.


Thank you! Actually this script is completely context unaware, which makes it hilarious.
For example “A 新た of the 同じ 名前 written by Makoto Shinkai”.
Only then you realize that the english language has two "novel"s with completely different meanings.


Lol yes! that’s what I meant by “it’s not perfect”, it does make it more fun though :blush:

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