Reading First, then Meaning

Hi Everyone!

I’m using Reorder Ultimate 2 to ensure the reading and meanings happen for each vocab/kanji in order (like in @rfindley’s wonderful Self Study) - I was just wondering if there’s a userscript that will ensure that reviews will always reading first, then meaning?


I forget which reorder script I have exactly, but there are scales on the left and right to determine which comes first, reading or meaning, as well as how to order, but level or type.

That’s the one I’m using, but I find it randomly alternates between meaning first and reading first.

Hmm, I had never used that specific functionality before, but when I clicked 読み方 to tilt it to the reading side, all the items started with reading first for me.


I can’t believe I never realised you could click on those! I thought they were just decorative. Hopefully that solves it! Thanks @Leebo!!