Script/extension to reorder Meanings and Readings

I use a pen input to write hiragana directly for the reading part of the review, this helps me practice writing hiragana a lot, however I have to switch between Microsoft Japanese IME input and English input whenever reading or meaning come up in reviews which is really discomforting.
So, is there any userscript/api/anything available where I can re-order the reviews with all the meanings first, then the readings or vice versa? This will allow me to first type all the english meanings and then use pen to input the readings, and will save a lot of my time spent in switching layouts, and will help avoid unnecessary frustration.

You can use the reorder script to always get the reading first, but that is on a per-item level. There is no script that gives you the readings of all items first

Ok, thanks I’ll try that.

Are you sure you didn’t misread?

Yeah, I just wanted to know there is a script or not, and I got the answer, that there’s no such script.

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you could maybe write the english with the pad as well? I know on my phone it recognizes whether I am writing in Japanese, or roman script when I use handwriting input.

The japanese input has very bad english recognition in microsoft, and the english input doesn’t recognize japanese at all, so I still have to change the input at every other review word even when I am writing English with a pen.

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Your best bet may be to see if there’s a script that will automatically switch the IME for specific items. That, at least, should be doable.

Thanks, I also thought maybe there’s a software that recognizes both japanese and english for windows, I’ll search for that too.